About Me and my Pony

Hello, my name is Kristin. I am hoping to capture my journey as I work to limit or (hopefully) eliminate the migraines that have influenced my life on a regular basis over the past 13 years through a ketogenic diet. It is important to me that cooking is minimally disruptive because I like to find balance in my stress levels on an almost daily basis via riding my coming 4 year old quarter horse, Caliber. I imagine I’m not the only one with passions outside of cooking who can benefit from mindful nutrition with an eye on reducing time pressures so I’ll share my experiences here … with a few storiestrides about my journey with my mare thrown in.

I also enjoy doing yoga and cross stitch casually, work full time doing HR and Marketing work for a large law firm, and enjoy what free time I have left with my 10 year old cat, Leila, and my partner, Chris.


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