Easter Trail Ride


all she really cares about in life is cookies!

Easter Sunday I was dreading going out to the barn. Caliber hadn’t been ridden in over a week and I had just managed to turn her out 2 days before, and then 2 days before that. I decided she needed to be ridden but i had no idea what to expect out of her.

Even with all of that in the back of my mind, I got out there to see my barn friend Kathy tacking up her house to go on a trailer out trail ride. She invited Caliber and me to tag along. She had never been out with us, so that upped the apprehension but it’s so infrequent that I have a new person to trail ride with I couldn’t help but say yes. She and I were also talking previously about potentially trying team sorting together, so it seemed as good a time as any to see how the horses got along.

I needn’t have worried. Caliber threw a little buck after I first tacked her up but a quick long line lunge session brought her brain to me and she didn’t seem to have much excess energy. She loaded on the trailer with no problems whatsoever and we had a truly lovely trail ride with Kathy and her horse Ranger.  I was really proud of the munchkin.

Stopping is still hard, and it turns out both fly spray on the face and drainage ditches are still scary, but we’re coming along. This work week has been a bear, too, and it rained earlier this week, so we’ve got another long stretch before our next ride. Here’s to hoping it’s as successful as this one – and that the work load begins to taper off here pretty soon so that I feel more balanced again. Riding regularly really helps to loosen all the little muscles and prolong the time in between migraines. 🙂


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