Cross Stitch: Birth Announcement


As promised, I wanted to share my first ever freestyle cross stitch creation. I started doing embroidery/cross stitch last September, and I have been having a blast making bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, and gifts for people. This project took a bit longer than my patience could reasonably accommodate (3.5 months) but it was for a good cause.

The first child of the next generation of my family was born in March, Henry Wilder. He’s my cousin’s son. Anyway, we’re all in our late 20s/early 30s so the fact that there’s finally a grandchild for our parents’ generation to dote over is a big deal.

When I was born my aunt made a cross stitch pillow birth announcement that we still have. I was planning to do the same for my cousin and his wife but I didn’t leave enough of a border to accommodate it (I’d never done a pillow before). I was too far along when i discovered this so I decided instead to frame it for them. I sent it last week. Here’s to hoping they appreciate it. 🙂

Cross-stitching has become a really fun activity to help me stay awake and keep my hands busy at night while watching tv with Chris. Since I can’t go to the barn in the dark and I get anxious if not doing something, this has been my new project/hobby.


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