Kittens and Journaling

I have been striving to make my migraine reduction (and hopeful elimination) a holistic part of my daily activities via better eating habits (keto) and mindful stress reduction (horseback riding, crafting, yoga, etc.).


On this vein, one of the things I’ve been trying to be more present and appreciative of the creatures in my life in that moment (everything from being engaged and focused when talking with my significant other to taking the opportunity to cuddle with my cat, Leila, and solely focusing on being with her for a few minutes each day.

Part of how I have been trying to condition myself to be more engaged is by journal-ling. I’m finding that doing so helps reduce the anxiety-inducing cycle of thought I tend to easily get wrapped up in, by providing me with the opportunity to get my thoughts out and on paper. It also reduces the chances that I will share my negative thought moments with friends and family, keeping those interactions positive.

It’s a constant work in progress but I have found that I do like to write. In fact, it was my inspiration for starting this blog. Anyway, this almost daily ritual has become a common situation for my kitten, who enjoys joining me sometimes in those moments. She has been with me for 10 years this month, through 13 moves, 3 companies and 5 jobs, 5 boyfriends, a broken engagement, graduate school, and so much more.

My work schedule over the past few weeks (and this week) has been a bear – long hours and stressful deadlines. I know it will come to pass as is the cycle of work but I’m not cooking elaborate dishes as much right now due to time constraints. I’ll post a bit about what I’m eating but in the meantime I thought I would share a few other aspects of my life with you all in the process.


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