Wellness Mama’s Healthy (Bulletproof-like) Coffee

After 2.5 weeks of eggs every day I was getting sick of having them for breakfast and desperately needed something else. I was also feeling so much more full around the clock and wanted something a little bit lighter in the morning.

After some exploratory research online it looked like bulletproof coffee was something to try. Two problems, though. I couldn’t get over the concept of putting 2 Tbsp of butter in my morning cup of coffee mentally and I didn’t have an immersion blender. My significant other and I strive to not have too much excess stuff and to keep a low footprint on the whole, so I wasn’t really up for getting the immersion blender.

For the first concern, I found Wellness Mama’s Healthy Coffee recipe. It only calls for 1 Tbsp of butter and instead has more coconut oil. After trying this recipe with a normal hand electric mixer I was severely disappointed – it was too oily. So, after some more online research I discovered a number of people recommending a milk frother to get the same effect as the immersion blender. Thanks to Amazon Prime, 3 days later I had my frother and was on my way to trying her rendition of bulletproof coffee.

It was excellent! It’s creamy, frothy, and filling – and not at all oily like my first attempt.

I ground my coffee beans fresh and used a Keurig (two brews on the smallest cup setting) to brew my actual coffee.

I worked up to 2 Tbsp of coconut oil over the course of a week (I found that with 1 Tbsp of butter and 1 tsp of coconut oil I was still feeling hungry by mid-morning). I also put in the vanilla extract but do not put any stevia extract in. One day I was feeling a bit decadent and did put some cinnamon on top, which was delicious. The milk frother worked great and takes about 30 seconds to really create the desired consistency. Clean up is a snap without all the extra parts and it takes up very little space on my counter top.

I’ll let you all know as I give different added flavors and such a try to mix it up a bit.


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